You might agree that this blog's headline might seem to be a bit creepy, but it's not what you might think.

To clarify, this mother and son have gone into the wine condom business together. I consider myself a wine lover but have never heard of such a thing! 'Wine Condoms' was launched by a mother-son team, millennial entrepreneur, Mitch Strahan and his single mom, Laura Bartlett who's a Dallas based standup comic

 Wine Condoms has already totaled $1 million in sales because they're spill proof, low profile, portable, reusable, food safe, and fun. All the taglines on the 'Wine Condom' website are Strahan's ideas such as:

  1. NO MORE "Pain-In-The-Ass-Leans-To-The-Side-Which-Never-Quite-Fits-In-The-Refrigerator" syndrome.
  2. NO MORE 'unplanned spillage'
Wine Condom Demonstration - YouTube Video by Edgard Echegary
Wine Condom Demonstration - YouTube Video by Edgard Echegary

It's GENIUS I tell ya! These condoms are in such high demand that some customers are scalping them and then selling them for up to $100. Wine Condoms' tagline read, 'Protection for Wine Lovers' and the price is right at $15 per box. Click this link for ordering information.

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