I read about the stab victim on Tuesday morning. I was surprised that something like this happened so close to my home. Then I realized I should not have been. 

According to the News Times, an unnamed 51-year-old New Milford resident was stabbed at around 11:45 pm Monday evening at the Rocky River Inn in New Milford. State and local police say that the investigation continues and no suspects are in custody as of early this morning. Police say the victim remains at Danbury Hospital in serious condition.

When my partner in crime, Ethan Carey, was on his way to pick me up this morning (we carpool to work) there was an active police presence at the location on Kent Rd.

This is scary, man. Now, with a minute to reflect on it, I am not surprised. The drug problem in the area has gotten worse by the day, and the last few years have been especially bad. I am in no way suggesting that this is drug related, but merely speculating. It would not be surprising to hear that drugs were involved with this crime.

I have lived in New Milford since May, but I lived here years ago for about six years. My experience has been 90 percent positive. My wife and I, however, have had run-ins with the local known drug addicts and individuals with mental health issues. These were not fun. In a few cases I have had to get the police involved.  My opinion is that New Milford is at a tipping point right now. The town can either get these incidents of crime under control or risk things getting much worse.