There's something about Waterbury's Watertown Avenue that brings culinary success. Anchored over the decades by Frankie's, Big Frank's, Nardelli's, The Grotto, Scruples, Mary's Diner, and whatever restaurant occupied 579 Watertown Avenue. Over the years, 579 Watertown Ave has been a few different restaurants, most notably the Farm Shop, Friendly's, and most recently, Jimmy's 2.

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The last time Mrs. Large and I ate breakfast at Jimmy's 2 was right after New Year's 2020, and honestly, we both vowed that it was the last time that we would, because the food was awful. It must have been a cost-cut by the owners as a last-ditch effort to save the place, because the location shut down permanently shortly afterwards. The building sat vacant for the past couple of months, but I drove by the other day, and the first signs of life are starting to appear. A new, familiar tenant has emerged to rescue this famous culinary destination.


Mary's Diner has been slinging the delicious pancakes, bacon, and eggs underneath their bovine mascot at two Waterbury locations: 437 Watertown Avenue, and a second location in the East End at 538 Meriden Road for years. Well, move over partner, a third cow is coming, and this will be the second cow along Watertown Avenue, it's a Mary's Diner stampede.

Photo by Large 'Farm Shop' Dave

Such a familiar sight, this famous building will be renovated over the next couple of months, and transformed into the third Mary's Diner in Waterbury. I just got off the phone with one of the employees at the Watertown Avenue location, and she informed me that the current locations will be staying open as they build out the third over this upcoming Summer 2020. Congratulations Mary, I hope that your Diner empire keeps expanding over our great city and state.

Photo by Large 'Soft-Boiled' Dave

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