This is your reminder that as of today, June 30, it's the last day for the Plastic Bag Fee suspension in Connecticut.

Before Coronavirus affect pretty much everything in the state, Connecticut had a $0.10  plastic bag fee, which Governor Lamont then suspended on March 26 due to the concerns of germs spreading on bags from home.

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According to, the $0.10 fee will pick back up on July 1st, 2020. This is your reminder to start bringing your bags from home with you back to the store. It is going to take some time getting used to, just like it was at the beginning when the fee originally started.

Even though it may be an inconvenience to some, I think it's a step toward bettering our environment.

The plastic bag fee in Connecticut initially went into effect late last summer after Gov. Lamont signed an ordinance requiring all retail establishments across the state to charge customers $0.10 for every plastic bag that that is considered to be "single-use." The Connecticut Department of Revenue Services defines a "single-use checkout bag" as a plastic bag with a thickness of less than four millimeters that is provided by a store to a customer at the point of sale.

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