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Parents, the following is your guidebook to in-school learning for the 2020-2021 school year from the State Department of Education. The PDF document contains 45 pages of explanations, charts, and graphs about everything you might have a question about as you send your kids back to the classroom.

This guide was formulated by public health officials, input from students, parents, teachers, and educational stakeholders. This is a roadmap for anyone who has a school-age child in Connecticut. If you don't mind, I'm going to summarize some of the key points in this 45-page document.

** Each school district is unique unto its own and will be given the flexibility to create their own reopen plans depending on their circumstances.

** All teachers and students will be required to wear masks inside the school building.

** There are guidelines for parents who choose to keep their children home due to safety concerns.

** Classroom layouts will be a practice in maximum social distancing.

** All schools will be disinfected every single day. There is a list of guidelines on how this will be accomplished.

** Limiting face-to-face encounters will be handled by designating foot-traffic patterns such as one-way hallways and staircases.

** There is an entire section on expected guidelines titled, Health Practices and Protocols.

If you choose to read all 45 pages of Governor Lamont's report, click this link.


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