Have you ever wondered what it looks like to land a plane at Danbury Municipal Airport? This is not as good as doing it yourself, but the next best thing. Sheridan Smith posted this to Youtube on June 25, 2020 with this description:

One of my longer flights in the King Air, KLNA to KDXR was just over 1000nm with the routing. Was a wet, grey day landing in Connecticut. Hope you enjoy! Follow my IG @ ssaviator


I can't say I've ever flown in a private plane that big before, but I have flown in the cockpit of a small plane from Danbury airport to Cape Cod. My Uncle was renting a plane and asked me if I wanted to go to Cape Cod for lunch. I had plans that day, but I cancelled them because c'mon, why wouldn't I?

The trip was definitely worth it, my first flight in a small plane was an eye opener. I was told to keep an eye out for other planes so we don't "hit them." The plane was also the size of a Buick so you felt every movement. The other thing you don't really think about after a lifetime of commercial air travel is a small plane doesn't have pressurized doors, at least not the one I was in. It just felt like I could open the door and step out. This was not a comforting feeling.

Sheridan, thanks for sharing your flight with us and I love the music mix, keep that s--- up. You can follow and subscribe to Sheridan on Youtube. 

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