I found my favorite hypothetical question in the history of the internet over the weekend on Reddit and it reads: "You are offered $10,000,000 to have sex with a physical manifestation of your username. Do you accept? Why or why not?" Better than the question were the answers:

All the way around this was my kind of conversation and these comments were pretty much the limit of what I could share here. In fact, I'm pretty sure the digital team will have removed at least one of them by the time you are reading this.

You see a lot of people have animals in their screen name and that becomes tricky for the discussion because a lot of those people answered yes and while it's a hypothetical scenario, I simply cannot be a party to that.

This topic is almost certainly going to be the next Ethan & Lou Morning Show phone topic. The first ten answers will be funny and then after that they will fall off in a big way. Did you know that? Typically the first round of radio calls are good to great and that laggard group that comes in behind them, brings in a bag of nonsense that smells like day old fried chicken and failure.

For the record, my Reddit username is Beefsangwich79 and I refuse to be polled on the matter. Our honorable mention comment comes from Grouchy_Fauci:

Yes, without hesitation. I’m secure enough in my heteroness that I’d do it and live happily ever after for that amount of money.

I don't think Dr. Anthony Fauci would sign off on it, what with COVID juices and all.

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