If you're a fan of the longest-running animated comedy in television history, you might want to plan a short trip up 91 to Springfield, Massachusetts next week. A real life version of 'Moe's Tavern' from 'The Simpsons' will pop-up inside a brewery right near the Connecticut/Mass border for the next 9 days.

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'Moe's Springfield' will officially open for business tomorrow, Friday June 2, 2023 inside Two Weeks Notice Brewing on Bosworth Street in West Springfield, Massachusetts. The Moe's Springfield Pop-up is only going to be there for 9 days, they're closing up shop the following Sunday, June 11. If you've been to The Big E, Two Weeks Notice Brewing is located steps away from The Big E Fairgrounds and Memorial Ave.


This is a ticketed event, with prices ranging from $32 to $89, depending on the level of experience and schwag you'd prefer. There will be a special food menu, featuring a selection of 4 grinders, with names like 'Monkey Paw' and 'No I Want Roast Beef', a salad, hot dog, and a very colorful dessert option are also on the menu. Two Weeks Notice is also brewing up a special beer for the event, it's a Kolsch-style ale that they've dubbed Duph.

This is the only 'Moe's Tavern' Pop-up in New England, although there is another one planned for Syracuse, New York. The organizers are encouraging attendees to dress up, and bring your cameras to this family-friendly event. I admit it, when I first met my wife and found out that she was from Springfield, I wondered if she lived near Homer's nuclear power plant.

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