What comes to mind when you think about Middlebury, Connecticut? Quassy? Timex? The battle against the proposed distribution facility? Yes, me too. Has "Rentable saltwater oasis' ever popped into your brain when thinking about Middlebury? It should, because there is one in town.

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Have you heard of Swimply.com? Private pool owners can use the site to rent their pools out to us common folks for a fee. There are hundreds of listing on the site around Connecticut, with a pretty high concentration in Fairfield County. One in particular caught my eye because I've never seen the words 'Saltwater Forest Oasis' and 'Middlebury' in the same sentence.

Saltwater Forest Oasis is a listing from Kristiina on Swimply.com. The pool is located in Middlebury, it's a 14x30 Foot, 3-9 foot deep saltwater, and it's available for parties up to 30 guests, at $35-$150 an hour. How about more properties like this, instead of distribution facilities, Middlebury?

A Rentable 'Saltwater Forest Oasis' Exists in Middlebury

Have you heard of Swimply.com? Do you like swimming, but don't have a pool? Go to Swimply.com and you might be able to rent a private pool right in your neighborhood. If you live near Middlebury, I found a really beautiful rental for you to check out.

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