I love the Connecticut Fair and Festival scene, our state is so diverse, there's something going on every weekend. I'm especially looking forward to festivals and fairs that celebrate our ethnicity and heritage. I'm Italian, Polish, Lithuanian, and British, a true American mutt. I'm going to get my Polish pride on this weekend in Hard-Hittin' New Britain, and if you crave Kielbasa and Pierogi, you should make your way to Broad Street this Sunday.

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This Sunday, June 4, 2023, the 10th annual Little Poland Festival will be held on Broad Street in New Britain, between Washington and Silver Streets, from 9AM to 7PM. What can you expect? Lots of happy people, great food, and authenticity. How can you not feel good when there's a live Polka band and beautiful dancers? If that's not enough, there's going be over 70 vendors, arts & crafts, carnival rides, a Paczki eating contest, live music, and if everything goes right, Stanley the Little Poland Dragon might even rock out with The RBO Polka Band on the small stage at the corner of Broad and Washington.

I may have embellished that last line a bit, but I assure you that Stanley the Little Poland Dragon, the RBO Polka Band, and The Vademecum Band will all be there.

You'll also find the highest concentration of Polish food in Connecticut within the 5 blocks of the Little Poland Festival, with miles of fresh kielbasa, golabki, pierogi, and the best that Roly Poly can churn out this week.

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