I've been a Barstool Sports reader since the beginning of the website when it was just El Pres, and the Boston page was the only one to read.

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Although I've been a long time fan I cannot tell you the name's of all the personalities or recognize their faces. I read their stuff, watch the videos but I skip all the in-house podcasts, the articles they write about one another and their promotional events. It's nothing personal, I just like to read a funny takes on sports, TV, movies and science but don't feel the need to get to know any of these guys.

So, when I say "the Barstool Crew," it's sort of an unfair lump I am creating when it's really a conversation between two guys who work at Barstool. Anyhow, The "Barstool Crew" recently took a shot at my beloved State of Connecticut, this is what they had to say:


Statement #1 - "They have zero redeeming qualities." - FALSE - We have an inexplicable passion for minor league hockey, the best pizza, one of the best man-made lakes in America (Candlewood), one of the great remaining malls in America (Danbury Fair) and some pretty dope casinos just to name a few redeeming qualities. Then there is the food scene, the architecture, the art, the history and the haunted s---.

Statement #2 - "No good cities." - FALSE - We have no good big cities but we have some good small-ass cities like Danbury & Norwalk. Yes, Danbury needs a revival project and I think we're in the embryo stages of that now but you'll be reading articles about how the Hat City is the place to live in 10 years.

Statement #3 - "They are sort of near New York." - FALSE - We're near New York, check a map, almost any map will do.

Statement #4 - "They don't have any great beaches, they have kind of sh---y beaches" - TRUE - That is 100% true and one of my biggest problems with this state. It is maddening how bad our beaches are. Some of the things we call beaches in this state should not be called beaches, they are literal rock piles that suck. Silver Sands beach is the only good one in the state and we have a handful of passable, tolerable beaches but the rest is an embarrassment.

Statement #5 - "They have sh---y mountains" - I DON'T KNOW - From the ground they seem cool. What the f--- are you doing with mountains? As long as you have mountains and everything isn't flat, that's good enough for mountains.

Statement #6 - "They don't really have a real city of their own, Hartford sucks."  - TRUE - We have no amazing big city, we just don't. You'll never hear someone say they are traveling to Hartford, Bridgeport or New Haven unless they have court. Hartford does indeed suck.

Statement #7 - "Really the best thing they have going for them is that, it's pizza." - TRUE - And?

Look, the worst thing about this hot take is that, it's the poor man's "Joe Rogan hates CT video." When Joe said it, I thought it was contrived and an easy target situation but when this guy says it, it's really transparent and lame.

CT people can talk bad about Connecticut with no problem and I'll usually agree with what they are saying. But I don't want to hear it from someone who doesn't live here. I know he said he did live here but that is not enough. Unless you're swimming in the s--- soup with us, paying a half a millions dollars a year in car taxes, keep it movin'.

Even after saying all of that, I may write an article about how bad Connecticut is tomorrow but it's mine to kill and it all depends on the day.

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Photo: Aurora Photography

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