The Nationals beat the Mets last night 25-4 in what turned out to be the worst loss in franchise history. It was not enough for them to JUST lose in epic fashion they had to add embarrassing highlights to make it super memorable.

For instance, former Met Daniel Murphy hit two home runs and drove in six for the Nationals. Then there is the part where infielder Jose Reyes ended up being the Mets closer and pitching in the game. Reyes gave up six runs which I guess is not that bad considering lefty starter Steven Matz gave up seven runs in the first inning. But my favorite part of the game was when Gary Cohen, Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez abandoned their duties calling the game and just read the Mets media guide.

You got what you wanted Met fans. The trade deadline came and went and your team chose to keep it's "untouchable" pitchers. It's going to be business as usual in Queens for a long time.

Hey you got those pitchers though. Jacob Degrom is still a Met. That's great, right? I mean the guy has a 1.82 ERA. Oh, but he's started 21 games and has five wins cause you don't produce runs, that's not wasteful at all. You also still have "Thor" who is home with hand, foot and mouth disease. Finally, the "untouchable" Steven Matz is still a Met, thank God for that.

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