Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton lost the Republican primary to Bob Stefanowski.

We caught up with Mark on the Ethan and Lou morning show in his regular weekly spot. We discussed the loss, what's next for him, the passing of John McCain and a new Lynyrd Skynyrd documentary. You will also find out which candidate Mark believes will be disastrous for the state of Connecticut:

It's not a secret that Ethan and I are buddies with Mark Boughton and that we were rooting for him. It's a bummer he lost the primary, but we move on. Connecticut's loss is Danbury's win in my opinion. It also means he can't "big time" us and he has to keep taking our calls. Here's to at least a few more years of Mark on the Ethan and Lou show, golf outings I'll make him pay for and Netflix discussions.

P.S. You know you are really doing something special when your radio show makes it into negative campaign ads. I have never been more proud of myself.

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