You have to know that a lot of people will weigh-in on the issue of legalizing pot. Like it or not, you know the fight for and against legalization will be loud and long. Here's yet another take on what the ramifications could be.

On the heels of Massachusetts approving laws that will allow the recreational use of marijuana there has much talk and debate on whether or not Connecticut will follow suit. As recently as Thursday (January 5) it was reported by that Connecticut State lawmakers are working on drafting marijuana legislation for recreational use.

The following day (January 6), ran another story stating that a spokeswoman for AAA has expressed concern that legal pot may endanger lives. Amy Parmenter, said spokesperson for AAA had this to say:

There are lives at risk, that’s really what this comes down to. After Washington state legalized marijuana, the number of fatal crashes that involved drivers using marijuana doubled.


She warned of the risks that impaired drivers could pose to the public. She also touched on concerns over how police will test drivers for marijuana use. It's not like there's a test for it like the roadside breathalyzer test used to detect alcohol impairment.

Trooper Kelly Grant with the Connecticut State Police told

We will continue to do what we’ve always done and keep our eye out for people who are under violation of the law. They are looking for indicators. It’s in speech, it’s in somebody’s eyes, it’s in the way they’re acting. In the way they’re operating their vehicle

Only time will tell whether Connecticut gets added to the list of states legalizing.

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