Re-appropriating a building in Connecticut for a different type of business. What was once a bank in Branford, is now a marijuana dispensary that's doing big numbers.

The fight on the "yes or no/for or against" medical marijuana question will rage on in Connecticut, but there is not much debate over the popularity and growth of the industry that's for sure.

All you have to do is check out this story from to see how this grow business continues to grow in our state. Case in point, a medical marijuana dispensary in Branford, Bluepoint Wellness CT, served about 400 patients when it first opened. That number has shot up to over 2,000. According to the article, the number of dispensaries in the state has also grown.

Pharmacist Nick Tamborinno, who owns Bluepoint Wellness CT, told the New Haven Register: 

the doctors are looking at medical marijuana as a legit treatment option. It’s not frowned upon anymore. … We’re seeing hundreds of doctors at this point certifying patients

Originally, six dispensaries were planned for Connecticut, but that number grew to eight, and there is a ninth planned. Of course, none are as unique as the one located at 471 East Main Street in Branford. Not only is the former bank's vault still there, but so is the teller's counter.

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