A fire in Trump Tower Saturday (April 7) killed a man who hailed from Westchester County, according to the Armonk Daily Voice.

67-year-old Todd Brassner was a native of Harrison, New York and graduated from the private, New Rochelle Academy, a school that shuttered its doors in 1987.

The fire broke out on the 50th floor of Trump Tower in Manhattan in his apartment Saturday. It was a four-alarm fire, which was reportedly very difficult for fire fighters to battle. Four out of 200 fire fighters on the scene needed medical attention after the fire was extinguished.

Todd Brassner made his living dealing art works and bought the apartment in the building on Fifth Avenue near West 56th Street, back in 1996. He was in poor health, according to the New York Post, prior to the fire, and struggled financially due to his medical condition. EMT’s took him to Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital, where he died from injuries sustained by the fire soon afterward.

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