Glover Teixeira is a Danbury resident who just happens to the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion of the World.

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The 42-year-old grabbed the belt on Saturday (10/30/21) during UFC 267 after besting his rival Jan Blachowicz with a rear-naked choke submission move. The victory made him the second oldest person to ever win such a title in the UFC.

One of the first things Teixeira did when he was asked about the win was to thank Danbury saying:

"I want to thank my city Sobralia, (Minas Gerais, Brazil), my family, Danbury, Connecticut, my gym...They're all excited over there. You know I'm coming home with the belt baby! I told you guys, I'm coming home with the belt."

The champ shared that gratitude for his home city on Saturday during the post-fight interview. The next step was to do just that, bring the belt home and he did. In a video posted to Youtube on Tuesday November 2nd, Teixeira was mobbed by adoring fans in the Hat City.

The video was posted by "MMA Crazy" and it appears to have been taken somewhere in Rogers Park. It was not the only one, another Youtube user "Fight Radio" also posted this one.

Bethel, CT is another local community basking in the rays of Teixeira's win. Glover's gym/business "Teixeira MMA & Fitness" is located at 32 Stoney Hill Road. Below is the post-fight interview and Danbury shout out.

Hard work is obviously at the root of Glover's success and he seems to attach messages of hard work wherever he goes. Teixeira's Twitter bio reads:

"The pain of the discipline is better than the pain of regret"

All of Danbury should be excited to have a tried and true fight champion in the city, I know I am. We were actually supposed to have Glover on the Ethan and Lou Show about a month ago but there was a mix up with scheduling.

Sometimes when there is a scheduling mix-up here at the station, I don't let it concern me much, mistakes happen. With Glover I am concerned, I saw what happened to Jan Blachowicz and I have no interest in that happening to me. Congratulations to Glover and his entire team, Danbury is very proud of you.

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