A long time favorite spot in Connecticut just got a major upgrade. Where is it and what's been done?

What, to me, was already such a scenic place to enjoy a family outing as well as a day at the beach has gotten that much better. A long planned and hoped-for set of improvements have been finished at Lynn Deming in New Milford.

According to newstimes.com, renovations at the hot spot known as Lynn Deming Park have been completed. One of the major changes is that the road that was down near the beach area has been turned into a grassy picnic area.

The story goes on to say that there are quite a few additions to the park that will make the experience there so much better. Aside from the road that ran pretty much along the beach now being a grassy area, a playground has been put in, diving, swimming and fishing docks have been added, as well as kayak racks. Along with other upgrades to the area in general, more parking spots have been added and handicap accessibility to the beach has been improved.

Alfred Esposito, chairman of the building committee for the park told the News Times:

We used to have a beach with a parking lot, and now we have a beach with a park

An idea that's been mulled over and discussed for nearly two decades has finally seen the light of day. Kudos to all those who believed, and pushed to make it a reality for all those who enjoy Lynn Deming Park.

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