I've been working on this billion dollar idea for years. It's time to unleash "Snack Attack." Watch:

Do you like apples? Well, we don't have any, how do you like them apples? I am 100%  convinced this idea is a slam dunk. It's not really for the person who wants a snack, it's for the person who wants an experience. Snacks are everywhere, anyone can get a snack in minutes.

What we offer at "Snack Attack" is a chance to maybe chip a tooth, have a laugh, or get a great social media video. Sure, we are going to need full butt loads of liability insurance. Of course, some "snowflake" will win a lawsuit and ruin the fun for everyone, but we are gonna have a good time for awhile, and maybe make a few bucks.

If you are interested in maybe "making a few bucks," act now. Message me here and get in on the ground floor of Snack Attack.

"Snack Attack, we attack you with snacks."

"Snack Attack, don't sleep, the snack man is coming."

"Snack Attack, really unpleasant."

"Snack Attack, eat it!"

"Snack Attack, painful tricks, delicious treats" - Halloween ad campaign done and done

"Snack Attack, yum yums and fear."


Jimmy's got a backer, Jimmy's Jumpin' for dollars!

COMING SOON -  Uncle Bongo's Liquor and Chicken Skins

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