I wrote yesterday about Erin Meagher, the CEO of the Mahopac-Carmel Chamber of Commerce, who was arrested by Putnam County Police on Tuesday and charged with 4th degree grand larceny.

She allegedly used a Chamber debit card to purchase personal items and fabricated invoices. She was given an appearance ticket and released with a court date forthcoming.

This story comes on the heels of another embezzlement scandal in Mahopac, in which A former Mahopac fire department treasurer, Michael Klein, pleaded guilty to embezzling over $5.6 million from the fire department and much more.

We called our legal correspondent Liz Hudak right away to get her opinion. We wanted to know what may be in store for Meagher, why she is not in jail awaiting a court date and why Mahopac is embroiled in it's second corruption scandal in two years. Here is what she had to say:

I am from Brewster, and know many people who live in Mahopac. I have heard all of them complain about their property taxes, which are very high. To pay the kind of taxes they do, they should not have to worry that local officials may rip them off (ALLEGEDLY).

Big thanks to Liz Hudak of Berkman and Hudak in Carmel, NY. She is always a welcome guest on the Ethan and Lou show.

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