A cross adorned with lights now rests on property owned by the Town of Sherman. Should it come down?

You should know that the photo above is not the cross in question. It appears that the cross in question complete with lights rests atop a barn on Rt.39 in Sherman and has been shining its light for many years. But now that property belongs to the Town of Sherman and it's causing a bit of a ruckus among Shermanites. I've been following the "Letters to the Editor" in the New Fairfield/Sherman community weekly newspaper titled the Town Tribune regarding the lit up display of the cross.

The following quote comes from a concerned Sherman citizen:

I don't understand how a symbol of sacrifice, hope, and peace can cause certain individuals such turmoil. Maybe that person should do some soul-searching and learn the true meaning of the cross and why seeing it causes them discomfort.

After reading all of the letters to the editor, I concluded the cross is a comfort to Christians whether they were driving to work or running errands. Another Sherman resident wrote:

The cross for my family is a symbol of faith, mercy, hope, and love.

Cross Appears on Top of the Silo on This Rt. 39 Barn - Google Instant Streetview
Cross Appears on Top of the Silo on This Rt. 39 Barn - Google Instant Streetview

Other Sherman residents have a different opinion about the cross such as this one:

Every holiday season as I drive through town and up Rt. 39, I view the proliferation of crosses, some quite large. I have developed the sense that I am no longer welcomed in this town. Is this just an expression of the Christmas spirit or are my fellow Shermanites conveying another message to me?

The argument is, should the cross, considered to be a religious symbol, be allowed to shine on town property?

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