It seems like every week, there is some kind of new video challenge going on. You had all the Police Departments lip-syncing songs, you had people hopping out of moving vehicles to dance to the Drake song, and apparently another one is to re-create the opening credits from an old sitcom.

The gang at Dental Associates in New Milford did a great job with theirs. They've redone the beginning of "Full House" with lots of attention to detail. They even came really close to getting the font used in the TV show's credits right. Watch their video here: "The "Full House" Office Challenge - Dental Associates of CT, New Milford Pediatric Office"

For comparison, here's the original Full House credits:

Nice job by the Dental Associates crew. If we can ever have the whole station staff here at the same time, I think we should take on the WKRP in Cincinnati open. Has your office made one of those? If so, let's see it. You can leave the link in the comments here or on our Facebook page.

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