Shotguns and bowhunting have been given the green light for the upcoming Ridgefield deer hunt.

This is no joke. According to an article on the website,, since 2006, Ridgefield's 'Deer Committee' has approved a 'controlled hunt' in selected open spaces that are closed to the public during the hunting season. The five sites for this year's hunt have been worked out between the Conservation Commission and the Deer Management Implementation Committee.

You must fill out an application to be considered for the deer hunt by going to this specific link. This is not a Ted Nugent free-for-all. Only two hunters at a time will be allowed to hunt on each of the five sights.

Red Deer in Glen Coe
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The hunt will begin in mid-October and continue to the end of January 2020. Why the hunt you ask? It is planned to simply control the deer population in Ridgefield. Tom Belote, chairman of the Deer Management Implementation Committee had this to say about this year's planned hunt.

Bowhunting is considered to be an effective and humane way to do this. Hunting will not be allowed on weekends and when kids are out of school. Residents who live around the affected parcels will be notified, and spotters will be on hand.

To apply for a Ridgefield Controlled Hunt application, click on





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