Wolfgang Van Halen discussed the inspiration and meaning of the new Mammoth WVH song “Another Celebration at the End of the World” and also explained why he’s seen firing other versions of himself in the music video for the track.

The clip was recently released to promote the band's second album, Mammoth II, which comes out on Aug. 4. Van Halen can be he’s seen making fun of the fact that he recorded all of the album's music while the parts will be divided up among members of his live band for concerts.

“Guys, this isn’t working out - at all,” he tells the guitarist version of himself. “You don’t even know the solo – now I have to play it. Wolf [bassist] is sleeping, and Wolf [drummer] isn’t even fucking here! He’s always late! I just – yeah, I gotta go. It’s done. You’re fired.”

You can watch the video below.

In a new video interview, Van Halen explained, “I have this amazing band live and I wanted to involve them because they’re my best friends. … I thought it would be a really funny idea to fire the Wolfies.” While he said the shoot was fun, he wondered aloud: “I have no idea what that’ll do for the future – I think they’ll always kind of be around, these bitter Wolfies [who] hate the me Wolfie!”

Turning to the meaning of “Another Celebration,” he said that “it feels like we’ve been through so many end-of-the-worlds and that we’ve managed to make it through each time. The past few years have been very difficult – obviously, some stuff has happened. Everybody has to try and figure out how to deal with stuff. And I think it really is a way., just kind of a comment on [how[ we always kind of get through that stuff.”

You can watch the interview below.

He added that he “really wanted a more upbeat, sort of punky, thrashy song, and I think we really did it with this one … it’s faster than I think anything on the first album. It’s just really fun to play.”

Van Halen also revealed why the song hasn't been performed yet. "We’ve been rehearsing like crazy," he noted. "We’re very excited to play it – but management will not let me. … They get mad that somebody would probably hear it on a crappy cellphone video before actually hearing the song. Which makes sense. But man, we really want to start playing it … we’re very excited to play it as soon as possible.”

Meanwhile, Van Halen was asked on Twitter about the plan he discussed of using some of Eddie Van Halen’s guitars on the solos for the new album. "The whole solo writing process ending up passing by so quickly, I wasn’t able to realize that idea completely," he said of using his late dad's instruments. "However, I ended up playing the Frankenstein ... through one of the original Marshall cabs on the fifth song, ‘Take a Bow.’ That solo is special.”

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