If you're new to Connecticut and in search of things to do, it can be a frustrating hunt.

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It's not that there isn't anything to do in the Nutmeg State, it's that the activities don't jump out at you like a Disney theme park, New York skyscraper or Washington monument. CT's must see destination tend to be spread out and a bit more subtle.

When you're looking for memorable places it's always helpful to have a guide point you in the right direction, a guide like Ledger Travels. L.T. recently released their Top 25 Things to Do in Connecticut list and it's pretty comprehensive. Here is a breakdown of the Top 10.

CT's Top 25 Things to Do According to Online Travel Video Outlet

Ledger Travels recently (7/16/23) released their list of the Top 25 Things to Do in Connecticut. These are the Top 10.

I'd suggest breaking your visits up into parts beginning with the Mystic leg first. I have done 4 of the Top 10 and I'm looking forward to completing the list. See all 25 Things to Do in CT below.

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Wildlife Expert Shares Connecticut's Top 5 Most Dangerous Animals

To come up with the 5 Most Dangerous animals in Connecticut I consulted with an expert. Her name is Jen "The Zookeeper" Kotkin and she immediately took issue with the phrasing "the most dangerous." I mean she knew what I was angling for but made clear to me that these animals are only dangerous when approached, protecting their cubs and food, etc. She told me: "wild animals aren’t out there looking to start fights, and take the flight versus fight route whenever possible." 

Without further adieu...Cue the scary music....These are CT's 5 Most Dangerous Animals

Some of Danbury’s Most Remarkably Obscure Fall Facts and Fun Photos

I took some photos of Danbury during the fall of 2022 and I have paired them with some random, interesting fall facts about the city. 

Photo: Aurora Photography
Photo: Aurora Photography

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