It's very tough to make a living as an actor in 2023. So many stories of the hardships that actors, writers, and everyone involved in the world of the arts endure every day are coming to light. Did you know that you can support a beautiful venue and it's troupe of actors right here in Connecticut right now with a simple donation?

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Mrs. Large and I recently went to the Sharon Playhouse to take in their one-time-only production of Ms. Holmes & Ms. Watson in the Olsen Theater. Two local-yet-World-renowned actresses played the leads - Lauren Ambrose and Gretchen Mol. What a treat it was to see one of my favorite screen actresses - Ambrose - performing 10-15 feet away from where we were sitting. As fans and patrons, we must do everything that we can to help keep these venues and these forms of live entertainment alive and thriving.

Photo by Large Dave
Photo by Large Dave

It was an incredible performance, and we walked away that night as lifelong fans of the venue. The Sharon Playhouse 2023 season is well-underway, and i just received their latest newsletter this morning. Towards the end of the update, the update put out a request, with a little knowledge that made me think enough to write this. Sharon Playhouse is a non-profit, but they still have to provide some sort of housing for the crews, actors, and workers that come to entertain us. If you have any old dressers or chests 36' wide, a used car that you'd donate, or office supplies, the Sharon Playhouse could use it. Call their business manager at 860-364-7469 - X100, or email to arrange a drop-off.

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