If a friend told you that a goat climbing on your back relieves stress and anxiety, would you give it a try? Whatever floats your goat! Goat Yoga is back at Grow Wellness in Ridgefield.

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Goat Yoga was a yoga technique formulated by Lainey Morse in Albany, Oregon in 2016 because she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and severely depressed, according to cnbc.com. Back in 2017, during an interview with ABC NEWS, she said, "It’s impossible to be sad and depressed when there are baby goats jumping around.” Let's check in with comedian Kevin Hart, to find out what he thinks about goat yoga.

If you're a skeptic, you may be asking yourself, is there a chance the goat is going to leave the gift of poop pellets on your back? In the video above, you might have seen some of the goats pooping little pellets on the floor. Do you really want goat poop on your back?

All the goats want from you is to pet them. Baby goats are super friendly and might lie on your mat or climb up on your back if you have it flat for long enough, and may even start nibbling on your clothes.

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The following are some of the benefits of goat yoga according to anahana.com; stress reduction, anxiety relief, mood enhancement, improved flexibility, cardiovascular exercise, pain relief, positivity, improved sleep quality, and improved breathing. 

Goat yoga can be effective and bring a renewed sense of fun to your yoga class BUT, if you're not an animal lover and you're not a big fan of unexpected occurrences like when the animal poops, pees, or nips at your fingers or clothes, maybe Goat Yoga is not for you.

YouTube Video Produced by Peacock...
YouTube Video Produced by Peacock...

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