Not that long ago I was walking the aisles of the Walgreen's on Main Street in Danbury with my kids.

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One of them spotted this Danbury Monopoly style board game and ran to tell me. They know how passionate I am about the city and its history, so they knew I would like this. I was floored to learn that this game even exists.

I didn't buy it and I regretted that decision almost immediately. I was told by a few people that think it's sold out already. Then, I started to see other people posting pictures of it, sharing their excitement and it had my wheels turning.

From the packaging you can see some of the layout and tiles which include:

  • Federal Road
  • Richter Park
  • The Danbury Ice Arena
Facebook - Henry Joyner IV

Using our knowledge of the original Monopoly Board game and cross referencing it with the tiles on the box, we can see how the makers of the game view certain properties. In the original game Yellow tiles like Atlantic Avenue, Ventnor Avenue, Marvin Gardens are good properties to own. Green tiles like Pacific Avenue, North Carolina Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue are the second best you can get just below Boardwalk and Park Place.

So the makers of the game view Richter Park as a good property and the Ice Arena as one of the best in the city. This is a fun game and I need to find a way to explore it further. Maybe I'll bring this to the I-95 Morning Show for some ideas from the listeners.

Right off the top of my head, I want to know what people think is the "Baltic" of Danbury? Baltic is considered the worst or cheapest property to own in Monopoly. I have some immediate ideas about "Danbury's Baltic" but I don't want to insult the folks that live there, I'll leave that to others.

What is the Boardwalk of Danbury? Would that be the mall, Deer Hill Avenue or some mansion on Peterson Lane or Middle River?

I changed my mind pretty quick about those guesses. What the hell? You only live once.

P.S. Big shout out to Henry Joyner IV for letting me use his photo of the game from social media. I actually took a photo of it weeks ago but could not find it in my phone. Even though I live two blocks from that Walgreen's, I don't need more excuses to go there and stand in line all day. Also, thank you to Amy Manka who helped me track Henry down digitally.

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