For those of us who still love the thrill of seeing movies at a theater on the big screen, today(July 21, 2023) is a huge day. It's been dubbed 'Barbenheimer', a day celebrating the simultaneous release of what seem to be the two biggest films of the Summer 2023 season - Barbie and Oppenheimer. If you really want to do it up big, a couple of neighbors in Southbury are rolling out the pink carpet and pizza for you.

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Southbury's Riverview Cinemas 8 & Playhouse and their neighbor Mercato Italian Kitchen & Bar have teamed up to offer you something extra for 'Barbenheimer', in the form of what we still enjoy, lunch or dinner and a movie. Obviously you can watch either at Riverview Cinemas, and Mercato has gone the extra mile to come up with a special one-day-only 'Barbenheimer' menu.

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Today only, Mercato-Southbury is serving up a few 'Barbenheimer'-inspired items, including a few drinks dubbed the Barbie's Pisco Sours, Ken's Margaritas, and Manhattan Project, a special Oppenheimer bone marrow appetizer, The Pink Pizza featuring strawberries and robiola, and to finish the job - the Berry Barbie Blast dessert with strawberry gelato, raspberry sorbet, and cherry juice.

2023 has been a horrible year for Connecticut movie theaters, the AMC theater at Waterbury's Brass Mill Center shut down, as well as Apple Cinemas & Pleasant Valley Drive-in in Barkhamsted, and Niantic Cinemas too. As comfortable and as used to as I've gotten to enjoying the majority of my on-screen entertainment at home, I still love the movie theater experience, and I'm glad that businesses are teaming up to keep the industry alive, even as they strike to maintain their own careers.

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