As you most likely have noticed, we’re seeing many retailers downsize and reduce the amount of their brick and mortar locations around the nation.

Now, we’ve just gotten word that, according to Business Insider, Victoria’s Secret is planning to close several stores. Six stores have already closed down so far this year, and 14 more will shut down soon. This equals a total closure of 20 stores in the United States shortly. There’s no word yet on exactly which locations are going to close, and even though I don’t shop at the one here in Danbury, I am really hoping it’s not one of the 14 set to close.

Reportedly, sales of the PINK clothing line are lagging, while the company says they're sticking to a brick and mortar approach and the traditional retail concept as opposed to moving to mostly online sales. I have high hopes (and fingers crossed) that our store won’t be closing, because it’s always been super busy whenever I pass by.

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