A 28 year old Texas man was arrested last week and faces a variety of charges related to terrorist threats. Seth Aaron Pendley intended to "blow up" the internet according to authorities.

Police say Pendley attempted to buy explosives from an undercover agent and intended to use the weapons on an Amazon facility in Ashburn, Virginia. Pendley allegedly thought a C-4 explosion at the Amazon Web Services (AWS) data center could not out 70% of the internet.

According to Gizmodo, the site houses 100 data centers that are responsible for storing a majority of "the cloud." The report states that Pendley got on the FBI radar after a series of increasingly alarming posts on a website called Mymilitia.com.

In the posts, Pendley claims he was at the January 6th (2021) attacks on Washington D.C. In one of the posts Pendley shared the following:

I’m not a dumbass suicide bomber but even if I only have a handful of fellow patriots standing beside me I will happily die a young man knowing that I didn’t allow the evils in this world to continue unjustly treating my fellow Americans so disrespectfully.

He even shared why he chose the Amazon site as a target writing:

The main objective is to f*** up the Amazon servers. There’s 24 buildings that all this data runs through in America. Three of them are right next to each other, and those 24 run 70 percent of the Internet.

He also mentions the "oligarchy" and the "deep state" that way everyone knew he had received his conspiracy theorists starter set glossary in the mail.

If you have to say, "I'm not a dumbass," it's because you've recently engaged in dumbass behavior. If he is convicted of his alleged crimes, Pendley could face 20 years in a Federal prison.

I'll bet there are a lot people who'd love to retrieve and destroy a good portion of "the cloud." I wonder if there a specific sections of "the cloud" that are reserved for regrettable pornographic searches?

Furthermore, does Jeff Bezos have access to his own filth bag searches? I guess that's probably one of the perks of being the big boss. He can probably dial up his Friday night folder and delete it for eternity.

If anyone from "The Internet" is reading this, can you do me a favor and delete my searches for 2013?

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