Finger pointing aside, all I can say is feel free to reference any place I've ever called home.

Lighten up, people, is really all I can muster when I heard about what some Norwalk, Connecticut residents managed to achieve.

On a personal note, I've been a fan of the ABC sitcom American Housewife since it first aired. Into season two, I remain a huge fan. The comedic timing is great, star TV mom Katy Mixon is a hoot, and the entire cast riffs off of one another perfectly.

I also love the fact that it is set in Westport, Connecticut, and often references other places around the state. I get an extra sense of "hell yeah", because I totally get what they are talking about.

Apparently though, some Connecticut people have a burr under their butt about references to their town, specifically Norwalk.

In a story from, some Norwalk officials and residents are calling out the show over what they feel is bullying the city and using highly inappropriate insults towards the people of Norwalk. The tipping point seems to be the recent Halloween episode where the eldest daughter, Taylor Otto, played by Meg Donnelly, is going out as a pregnant "Norwalk Prom Girl"

Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling had this to say to

This is a form of bullying. Making fun of Norwalk students, making fun of any students is really inappropriate and it’s painting Norwalk with a broad stroke ugly brush, and nothing could be further from the truth. Our students are excellent students who our graduating class very year is accepted to the best colleges in the United States … I plan on reaching out again, and I plan on continuing to reach out again until they stop. And if everybody in Norwalk, and everybody who is as offended as I am, stops watching the show, their ratings will go down and they’ll cancel it

Well then, there it is. Stay tuned to see how this drama plays out on American Housewife.

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