That's right, I am going to be THAT guy. The guy who watches all the Spring Training games this year, the guy who FREAKS out over the first injury and the guy who reads WAY too much into it.

I hate that guy because that guy is both wasting his time and learning nothing real about his team. Even the early season games that count are a bad indicator of what kind of team you will be rooting for that year. So watching the Spring Training games tells you less than 0.

I've made my peace with the time I will waste and the misinformation I will see. I cannot wait for this team to take the field and play ball. I have not identified with a Yankee team like I have with this one in many years. Now you add Stanton to the mix and we are the hated Evil Empire again.

This season has high drama potential like you read about. I'll be watching the YES Network today when the Bombers take on the Detroit Tigers at 1:05pm in a super meaningless game.

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