McDonald's has a wide variety of sauces that they use and sell throughout the world. In certain regions you can get sauces that may not be available in others. I've also found that you can purchase certain sauces online like their Big Mac sauce. I wanna keep the discussion on the dipping sauces that are most widely available and don't necessarily come on sandwiches. If you do that you come up with these options:

  • Tangy BBQ
  • Spicy Buffalo
  • Creamy Ranch
  • Honey Mustard
  • Honey
  • Sweet N' Sour

These are the main sauces you can find in pretty much any McDonald's that come in the little dipping trays and I think you can make strong cases for the deliciousness of each one. What you cannot do, is what my friend did and say that Spicy Buffalo is the best of them all. This is false and I told this person to seek a physician cause their taste buds are failing them. There's absolutely no known science to back his claim.

Personally, I go one of three ways based on mood, sometimes I'm honey mustard, sometimes Tangy BBQ and every now and then I'll do the Sweet N' Sour. I've had the Spicy Buffalo, I'm not here to kill it, but it's not even close to the others in terms of flavor. It's alright and all, but these others are tried and true. Spicy Buffalo is in way over it's head and so is my friend thinking they can debate me on this.

Yes, by definition this is subjective and people's personal preferences are theirs to have but don't be that person. Don't be the person who ruins a fun, inconsequential debate with "to each their own." You can get out of my face with that. If you believe my friend is right that Spicy Buffalo is the best dipping sauce then you too should see both a physician and a therapist. This way you can figure out whether your emotions or body are failing you.

Here's a video of a guy opening sauces, get a job. (He probably makes more than me doing videos like this.)

P.S. The conversation came up after we read about a Florida woman (Florida, you say!?") who threatened to steal dipping sauces by "any means "necessary."

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