For me it's simple, I bring baby wipes wherever I go. I do have kids so in most cases it makes sense but even when I leave the house alone I have my baby wipes with me. I don't know why people find it weird but they do. I just like to be clean. So, what did our listeners say about the unusual thing they bring wherever they go?

We also hit up the I-95 social media accounts with the same question and here is what people had to say:

  • Donna D. - "My husband"
  • Laura L. - "Essential Oils" - Yes, this begs a lot of questions and I almost asked the inappropriate ones. I held strong and behaved. I'm just going to assume she sells them.
  • Frank C. - "A Fork" - Maybe he doesn't trust the cleanliness of restaurant forks. I can't hate that kind of preparation.
  • James H. - "I keep a roll of toilet paper in my truck. Hey, ya never know when you’re gonna need it. - To this I responded Amen. This guy needs to graduate to baby wipes though, Evolve Jimmy!
  • Kathleen M. - "A dime to make a phone call from a pay phone...That had been drilled in me since I was a teen...A, payphone calls went up to 50 cents back then, B, there are no more"
  • Maryclaire - "My back scratcher. Hardly ever use it, but you never know when an itch might strike!"
  • Dominick C. - "I ALWAYS have a black Sharpie in my pocket...ALWAYS." - Never know when you will have to sign them autographs.

Do you carry around something weirder or more unusual than any of these items? Tell us about it.

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