John Kransinski says he is open to doing "The Office" reunion and WOULD reprise his role as Jim Halpert. The whole fictional crew of "The Office" however has moved on to new lives. I have written an episode that will bring them all back together.

Jim is in and this is fantastic. Based on what I have read Pam (Jenna Fischer) is also open to do "The Office" again and I have not seen Rainn Wilson (Dwight) in anything in a long time so he probably will want to work. I can work with this. Steve Carrell has already said he does not want to do the show again so we won't get Michael Scott back in the Office which is upsetting but we still have something special here.

So let's do this thing and bring "The Office" back. Now how do you do it? Jim and Pam moved to Austin, Jim is working on his business with Daryl. Creed is in jail, Stanley retired to Florida, Dwight is the boss and married to Angela. It's a mess, everyone is scattered and it needs to be cleaned up through TV magic. How do you pull them all back together? I'm going to give this a shot.

Season 10 Episode 1 (STORY CONCEPT) - "The Will"

  • Dunder-Mifflin (Scranton) is one of two branches of the paper company that remain but under pressure from Staples the company is about to be devoured by the chain. Dwight's leadership has not done anything to slow the decline of the business. The daily work environment is heavy on corporate themed war games and not much is getting done.
  • After some reflection Dwight realizes that the only way to save the company is to bring back the people who secretly cared most about it. He needs to convince, Jim, Pam, Stanley, the whole crew to come home.
  • Being that they have all started new, successful and relaxing lives he will need to do something drastic to pull this off. Dwight is going to tell everyone that Michael died and they need to come to Scranton immediately. This whole crew is devastated to hear the sad news and the stunt works.
  • Everyone is now back in Scranton and Dwight holds a meeting in the conference room to discuss Michael's will. Michael's fake will shares a handful of useless items with each member of the team that will never be delivered. Most importantly it will express his final wish to the team. That wish is that they become a team again and remain one.
  • The team believes Michael's wish is real but express they will not be able to do this. They have moved on and started new lives. In Dwight's frustration he accidentally reveals that the Dundler-Mifflin is on the verge of collapse.
  • Since the team has already taken time off to mourn Michael's death they agree to help Dwight to save the company. They will do this by reaching out to a group of investors that include David Wallace (Andy Buckley), Robert California (James Spader) and Jo Bennet (Kathy Bates).
  • The team manages to get Jo and David Wallace on board. Robert California is the last one they need to convince and they desperately need his final contribution to seal the deal and save Dunder-Mifflin. California agrees on one condition and that is that Jim Halpert take the reigns as the boss at Dunder-Mifflin (Scranton). After some soul searching and discussions with Pam, Jim agrees.
  • Jim, Pam and Dwight deliver the news and announce a new sales incentive package which brings Stanley back in as he has run out of money because his mistress has drained his savings. The team is reunited and will start new with Jim as their leader and Dwight as his number 2.
  • The episode is about to end and Michael Scott walks through the door. Michael was told by Dwight to come to town for Daryl's bachelor party. Daryl is not even getting married. Dwight has a coffin in his office and had every intention of holding a wake for Michael. His plan was to tell Michael they would "pull a prank" on the others by making everyone think he was dead, which Michael would have done.
  • EPISODE OVER - Television magic complete, the gang is all back together and we have ourselves a TV show we can watch.

P.S.  - Michael's appearance is just a cameo since Steve Carrell insists he will not come back full time. 

P.S. #2 - Even without Michael Scott "The Office" is a B+ TV show which automatically makes it better than every other sitcom on TV and it's not even close. Almost every show that fits under the category of "situational comedy" is unwatchable to me. The characters are almost always impossible to relate to.



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