This is not a good look for Charles Barkley. He really messed up this time. I don't think this is something that would get him fired from his many TV jobs but it's something that will have people questioning his statements for a long time to come.

According to USA Today Sir Charles was openly critical of Boston Celtics star Isaiah Thomas for crying on the court a day after his sister was killed in a car accident. Charles said: “I’m not feeling comfortable with him sitting on the sideline crying like that. That makes me uncomfortable because that tells me he’s not in shape to play. I don’t know how this night is going to turn out. But to be sitting on the sideline a few minutes before the game, crying, that makes me uncomfortable for him. That’s just not a good look, in my personal opinion.”

This is not going to be a popular statement to say the least. The guy loses his sister in a car accident, shows up for his job the next day and drops 33 points in a playoff game. He cried because that is what is appropriate to do in this case. If you want to say maybe he should not be there because he should be with his family that would still be debatable but a little more appropriate.

No one cares if you are comfortable Chuck. That moment was not about your feelings or comfort.

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