Delores O'riordan, lead singer of the Cranberries passed away yesterday. She was just 46. It's sad news, she was WAY too young. For now, they do not know why she passed. She was found dead in her hotel room in London where she was doing recording sessions.

If you grew up when I did, you just HAD all of the Cranberries' albums. Everyone had them. I just do not remember buying them. I don't know where I got them. They were just there. Was there a CD fairy that dropped them in the car while we were sleeping Back then, you would be flipping through one of your friends' CD binders and boom — three Cranberries albums in a row.

How ever they got there, we were lucky to have them. Delores had a beautiful, haunting voice and they wrote great songs. They were definitely not dance floor songs, but not everything has to be. It was mood music. The Cranberries were the perfect soundtrack for a fall road trip with friends. It's sad to see she passed, she will be missed. Today I'll have to dig up one of the CD's I do not remember buying and get all moody.

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