My life has improved in so many ways since I moved from Waterbury to Torrington, but the best improvement is: I'm not an I-84 commuter anymore, I don't have to worry about getting stuck in my car for hours every day.

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Waterbury to Danbury should only take a half an hour, right? I can't tell you how many hours I've spent in park, staring at trees in Southbury. Even when 84 is light, all it takes is a disabled vehicle on the shoulder not even blocking a lane, and it will cause a 2-mile backup. Take a lane out? Or even worse two out of three lanes? You better charge your phone, and find a cup to pee in.

When a crash happens between Exit 3 and Exit 7 in Danbury, you might as well cancel your plans. It's taken me hours at times to get between the Rt.7 exits. 84 sucks, when a crash happens near Exit 17 in Middlebury, it backs up all the way to Newtown. The Rochambeau Bridge realignment back-ups? How I hate thee.

What's the longest that you've ever been stranded in your car on 84?

My record is 4 hours. I want to say that it happened in 2009? I left work at 5:30PM in Brookfield, I got on 84 East at Exit 9, and I came to a dead stop just past Exit 16 in Middlebury. It took me 4 hours to make it down the hill to Exit 17, I walked into my house at 9:30PM. It turned out to be an overturned tractor trailer across all lanes, luckily the driver wasn't hurt.

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