What do you look for to tell you that Spring is near in Connecticut? Is it the first red robin looking for worms in your yard? Do you look for the idiot taking the top down on their Audi even though it's 41 degrees? Not me, I look for the seasonal drive-in restaurants to open up. That's what tell me that Spring 2023 has begun.

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Yeah, I know, it's not officially Spring until Monday, March 20, but the first charred and split hotdog has just sprung out of the sacred soil on Main St. S in Southbury. As of March 3, Denmo's has officially opened up for the 2023 season. The sweet smell of ripe hamburgers and sizzling fried mushrooms is sure to lure the sleepy residents of Heritage Village out of their long Winter's nap.

Denmo's is always the first one to open up, I appreciate their effort. As for our other seasonal drive-in's around Western Connecticut, there has been no official 2023 re-opening announcement yet from Frankie's about their Legendary Watertown Avenue in Waterbury location. In years past, the Watertown Ave Frankie's typically opens the weekend after St. Patty's Day, so the fried cheese cubes should be raining down upon us soon.

Photo by Large "Steamer" Dave
Photo by Large "Steamer" Dave

The other two seasonal drive-in's I keep my eyes on are Gooseboro Drive-in in Bantam, and West Shore Seafood in Morris. Last year, Gooseboro opened up in April, and West Shore at the end of March, hopefully they're both ramping up to do the same in 2023.

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