The winter is winding down and the summer will be here before we know it. What does that mean in Fairfield County? Candlewood, that is what it means.

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Candlewood Lake is Connecticut's largest lake at over 8 square miles. The Lake has pristine shores in 5 different CT towns; Danbury, Brookfield, New Milford, New Fairfield and Sherman. The lake is the center of weekend activity for folks from all over Fairfield and Litchfield Counties in Connecticut. The impact the lake has on these communities cannot be over-stated, people absolutely love the lake.

Top 6 Reasons For an Argument on CT's Candlewood Lake

Candlewood Lake is a glorious place to be on a Saturday or Sunday during the summer. You get to look at the rolling hills, soak in the sun and relax. If relaxing is not your jam you can do some water sports or just bug-out (my favorite). Candlewood Lake is popular for a reason it's a lot of fun. However, just like any place the vibe can be ruined by certain behaviors. Some might say, what is there to argue about? Here are 6 things I've seen people argue over on Candlewood Lake.

The $1,000,000 question: Did any of the above arguments involve me? You'll have to invite me on your boat, we'll have a group pee and I'll tell you all about it.

7 Reasons CT's Candlewood Lake Has Been Snubbed for Nation's Best List

I'm 100% used to Western Connecticut being overlooked by the national media but I will not stand for Candlewood Lake to be snubbed on the list of America's Best Lakes. I've traveled far and wide and I can't think of a lake that has more beauty, excitement and pure magic than Candlewood. But this is where we find ourselves, AGAIN! Not only was Candlewood passed over for the Top 10 but she didn't make the Top 50!? Here are the possible reasons why: 

Lost Blue Shirt Discovered on Shore of Candlewood Lake Island in Brookfield

On the priority-list of lost items, this is somewhere at the bottom but I figured it was worth a shot. If you're missing a blue shirt with white stripes on the sleeves, it's on this island on Candlewood Lake, somewhere in Brookfield. 

Things You May Not Know About Greater Danbury's Candlewood Lake

Mike Allen is our former News Director and the man we go to, to provide "so much more than you ever imagined." Mike joins the Ethan and Lou Show every Tuesday morning for a segment called: "The Place You Live." This week, he presented part 1 of 2 on Candlewood Lake. Allen shared his research and we learned the following:

I really let myself go in 2016 

A Classic 

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