When I drive by 702 Chase Parkway in Waterbury, I will forever think of Lena's West Side Deli. Lena's was there for most of the 2000's, until they permanently closed late in 2020. Family Fusion Cafe & Deli took over at that location in January 2021. Unfortunately, they didn't last too long. The building has been vacant for a while, but I just found out what's going in there, care to take a guess?

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Another deli? The Morcey family finally came to their senses and agreed to bring Morcey's back? A Dollar General? Nope.

Smoking Ape Premium Smoke Shop just put up a help wanted post in a Waterbury social media group, and they're looking for a sales tech at their new location, which will be in the former Lena's/Family Fusion on Chase Parkway.

It's conveniently located, directly across from the Exit 18 on-ramp to I-84 West, and it's wedged between the entrances to Naugatuck Valley Community College.

It's been years since there was smoke shop on Chase Parkway, or the Western side of Waterbury. The last one that I remember being in this part of town was back in the 1980's. There was a tiny head shop in the second floor end space of the JayTee liquor store at the corner of Chase Parkway and Lakeside Boulevard. I think I remember it was Lifestyles? Here's a pic of the building from 2016.


I remember walking into that tiny shop and buying one of my first pipes, ahhh memories. So much has changed along Chase Parkway in the past 20-30 years, I still can't believe that there is a Dollar General across the street from Spartan.

I dream of being able to buy just one more Lena's Italian Wedding Soup. Can you carry that along with your full line of Puffco products and accessories Smoking Ape?

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