On Friday (3/3/23) Fox News published a list of the most bizarre laws in all 50 States, at least, the ones they think are the weirdest.

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When anyone publishes a list like this, I skip right to my state. No one cares about Alabama's weirdest anything and neither do I. Immediately, I want to see the answers for the Tri-State area and ours are pretty good for this topic.

In Connecticut, they say our weirdest law is in Chapter 175, 175-2:

The Silly String Law

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The Silly String Law states: "In the city of Meriden, Connecticut, no person shall sell or offer silly string "or like products" to a minor unless that minor is accompanied by a parent or legal guardian." 

Silly string is annoying, but that is not CT's only wacko law, there are others Fox could have chosen from. Here are just a few of the CT laws we highlighted in an I-95 article from 2020.

It's Not a Pickle!

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There's a statewide mandate that a pickle cannot be considered a pickle unless it bounces when dropped from one foot off the ground.  Apparently, this law stems from a 1948 case where two men tried to sell rotten pickles to the public. The FDA commissioner came up with the bounce test and it's been in Connecticut law books ever since. The Constitution State is all business about it's pickles.

Hand Walking

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It is illegal to cross the street on your hands in the Nutmeg State.

Humming Beauticians

Hairdresser cutting client's hair in beauty salon.

This CT law prevents beauticians from humming, whistling, or singing while with a client.

Check out the rest here.

What did FOX News choose for our New York neighbors? They went with N.Y. Penal Law 240.35(4):

Group Mask Law 


This is simple, until 2020, group mask wearing was considered a "criminal violation." The law was repealed thanks to COVID-19.

The only thing more annoying than a kid with silly string is Corey Feldman with silly string.

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Yes, I have a picture of Corey Feldman being sprayed with silly string in my work files, my job is THAT good.

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