When I found out that I was going to have to get up at 4 o'clock in the morning in order to make it to my job by 5:30 AM, I was worried. Am I going to be the only one on the road? Truthfully, it's turned out to be a blessing for my ears.

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Damn Connecticut, you're loud. Stop and listen for a second: Can you hear that semi blasting down I-84 or Main Street? Does a deaf neighbor love the auditions on The Voice, or do you live near a pickleball court? I'm sorry, or rather, I hear you.

During the daylight hours, Connecticut runs non-stop, it's loud everywhere. The night time is the right time if you like it quiet. I've found that Connecticut doesn't wake up until 5 AM. If you're searching for that sweet spot of silence, take a ride through Northwest Connecticut at 4:30 AM, you'll have miles of solitude.

Flip around on your radio, try to find a live overnight DJ in Connecticut. Any luck? That adds to the solitude, nothing but music and station id sweepers, ahhhhh.

Gas stations? Fast food? You might be able to find a 24 hour one open, but it's in Danbury, Waterbury, or Torrington, otherwise you have to wait for 5-6-7 AM. What does that do? If there's nowhere to go and nothing to listen to, that means quiet. I love having the world to myself. If you do to, 4:30 AM is the quietest time in Connecticut.

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