A soft drink maker that has just committed to move across the country to Norwalk, Connecticut from Los Angeles, California according to The Hour, has just taken on a new local spokesperson and brand ambassador.

The Hudson Valley’s own Austin Rogers is going to be the new face for Reeds Sodas according to PR Newswire. If you watch Austin’s commercials for Reeds Sodas, you’ll see that the 12 time Jeopardy champ, is the perfect person to rep the product. He’s known for his off kilter sense of humor and unique demeanor. He’s originally from Pound Ridge, and later moved to New York City to attend NYU and work as a bar tender. He won over $300,000 on the show the Reed’s brand has sold over half a billion bottles of soda since it started in the late ‘80s.

They made the move to Norwalk to take advantage the area being a hotspot for beverage producers in general such as: PepsiCo in Purchase, Nestle Waters in Stamford, as well as Diageo in Norwalk. Originally Affinity Beverages was also located in Connecticut, but they’ve since moved to Long Island. They sell Reed's biggest rival of the bestselling drink for both companies; ginger beer.

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