According to the Daily Star the World's largest brothel is reporting a growing number of female customers. Sheri's Ranch in Nevada bills itself a "luxurious resort and spa." Ranch mama Dena says the brothel is seeing an increasing number of ladies coming to live out their "fantasies."

The report makes clear that men between the age of 45-75 are still their strongest demographic but women are coming to Sheri's more and more. Dena (ranch mama) thinks that it's just become more acceptable for women to seek out a place to live out their fantasies.

After I read this, I did some research into Sheri's Ranch and as far as I can tell they don't have men on their roster. I feel like if they have noticed a rise in female customers that might be something they want to look into. That or they could sleep on the idea and I'll open up my own "Dude Ranch" in the middle of the desert to cater to women looking to hit up a brothel. There's a hole in the market and "Uncle Knuckles" is here to fill it.

P.S. Normally this article would have links to the establishment(s) in question. I can't this time because my company frowns upon it. In fairness, most companies have policies about these kinds of things. However, a quick search of the Ranch will have you where you wanna be, not that tough to do. Do you do the World Wide Web?

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