I-95 is a our radio station, a station that has served entertainment to the Greater Danbury area for over 40 years. Radio stations only last that long by having loyal, engaged listeners. When we say, send pics, they do.

Greater Danbury Residents Are Sharing Local Photos in Record Numbers

I-95 listeners and readers are sharing their local photos more than they ever have thanks to the I-95 Rock Mobile App. People from all over Fairfield and Litchefield Counties in CT and New Yorker's from Putnam County are snapping images of things they find interesting and sharing those images with us. They are using both the photo submission button and the text feature to share them. These are some of our favorite photos from 2020 and 2021.

They are record numbers. When we didn't have the app, the number was zero and now that we do have it, the record has been broken many times over.

Hey, we appreciate your input, feeback, comments and sense of humor so keep them coming. You can always send your photos, videos and texts using the I-95 Rock Mobile app which is free to download at Google Play or the app store.

The same guy who sent the Eversoure mailbox photos sent the video below of an Eastern Black Rat snake "gettin busy in the Weber."

Matt Wilcox sent this video of a mask-less party in Miami, FL in the middle of COVID-19. Florida you say?

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7 of Danbury's Most Interesting Signs

There is a song by Tesla and the lyrics go something like this:

"Signs Signs, everywhere there's signs blocking out the scenery breaking my mind, do this, don't do that can't you read the sign?" I think the song was actually written by a man named Les Emmerson but that is for another day. Signs can block out the scenery, disturb or even make people laugh. Danbury, CT has it's fair share of signs, these are just a bit more interesting than your average public message.

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