As we all do our part to continue take the proper precautions in the battle against the spread of the novel coronavirus, we doing our best to keep the community up to date with all information.

So with that, we will stay live and local to help get the word out about any changes happening in this rapidly changing world, and today, it's all about how you can safely get an important commodity — BOOZE.

In an announcement on Thursday (4/2) Governor Ned Lamont provided further clarification to restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. on alcohol limits:

Permits, under certain conditions, food establishments and liquor manufacturers to deliver alcoholic liquor and allows additional manufacturers to sell alcoholic liquor for pick-up and delivery. This will provide additional opportunities for these businesses to safely deliver their products directly to customers and reduce travel outside the home.

There was also a release regarding liquor stores and their distribution. Curbside pickup will be permitted:

The order authorizes package stores and grocery stores to permit the sale of curbside pickup of all alcoholic beverages allowed by their permit type in any space adjacent to their permit premise and during the days and hours allowed for legal sale.

So with that, the following liquor stores and breweries in Greater Danbury are open for business and look forward to serving you. There's a form at the bottom of this post to fill out if you'd like your business to be listed:

Liquor Stores Open For Pickup and/or Delivery

If your business is not on this list, please submit this form with all relevant information and we will add you as soon as possible!

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