The national media brand called Thrillist has just released their findings of the best restaurants in Connecticut and Danbury came out BIG.

Since 2004, Thrillist has been recommending the best in food, wine, entertainment, and travel from all over the world. In one of their latest articles, they visited Connecticut to find out which restaurants tickled their taste buds, and five spots in the Danbury area came in hot. Check 'em out:

Best Portugese Food - Atlantic at 176 Osborne St. in Danbury takes the prize. Thrillist writer Erik Ofgang calls the Atlantic the best in Portugese soul food.

Best Food Truck - The Green Grunion which continues to receive accolades for their "tightly wrapped, house made tortillas" filled with all sorts of delectable meats. Most weekdays, you'll find The Green Grunion serving lunch at Kenosia Park in Danbury.

Best Bakery - Mothership Cafe on Main at 331 Main Street in Danbury is a must. Mindy and I have been there for breakfast a number of times on the weekends and it is simply outrageous. This past Sunday morning, we ordered one of their specials -- a Brisket Burrito with fresh fruit on the side and it was melt-in-your-mouth to die for. GO THERE.

Brisket Burrito from the Mothership Cafe in Danbury - Ethan Carey Photo
Brisket Burrito from the Mothership Cafe in Danbury - Ethan Carey Photo

Best Barbecue - Hoodoo Brown Barbecue has been receiving accolades from all over Connecticut from the day they opened. This BBQ restaurant is another must-go-there. Hoodoo is located at 967 Ethan Allen Highway (Route 7) in Ridgefield.

Best Sushi - Danbury scores again, this time in the sushi department with Ki Asian. Benny Chow, Ki Asian's chef, was trained at Nobu in NYC. The sushi is super fresh and creatively inventive and can be found at 7 Eagle Road in Danbury.

To check out the other best restaurants according to Thrillist, click this link.

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