Hallelujah! We did it America! We did it Brookfield, gas is below $4.

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The past few months I've been eyeballing the gas prices. This is something I've never done before this year. I've been doing this to impress my wife Erica. You see, she loves savings above all else. Since fuel prices skyrocketed months ago, saving on gas has become her sole focus in life

The Irving Citgo at 177 Federal Road is now $3.99. We landed on the moon! This is the cheapest gas in Brookfield, if you don't count Costco and BJ's. I don't count them because I'm not a member, of either shopping club. Yes, there are still people who are not members of these places. I have nothing against BJ's or Costco but I need to look out for the folks like me also.

If you do count BJ's and Costco, this is the local breakdown:

1 - BJ's - 106 Federal Road - $3.87

2 - Costco - 200 Federal Road - $3.97

3 - Irving - 177 Federal Road - #3.99

Irving's proximity to BJ's and Costco is likely what is keeping the price so low but I don't care why, I'm just happy to be using these words.

NOTE: The prices I'm quoting are number made available by Gas Buddy on August 3, 2022.

As you get away from that middle-stretch of Federal Road, it gets more and more expensive. The rest of the Brookfield gas stations are over 4 dollars, in some cases, well-over 4.

Danbury's best prices:

  • Gulf - 300 White Street - $4.19
  • Citgo - 64 Newtown Road - $4.19
  • Global - Both Newtown Road locations - $4.19

New Milford is also in a pretty good spot right now, I counted 9 gas stations that have prices listed between $4.03 and $4.05.

Here's the interesting thing, if you travel across the state line, into New York to see our friends in Brewster, things get very expensive again. Brewster's cheapest gas is at the Xtra Mart on North Main Street with a listed price of $4.49, and the most expensive gas is the Shell at 3411 - US 6 which listed at $4.76 on August 3, 2022.

So, C'mon down Brewster people and get some affordable gas. You know you were going to come this way anyway, to start fights in the parking lots of our shopping clubs, all to avoid the boredom of living in Brewster.

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